Shady Habash the Filmmaker has been in to the Cinematography and photography business since 2006. Shady has been building a successful media presentations in Egypt and soon will be around the world.
In August of 2007, he introduced his photography and video productions of celebrities, commercial shots and the natural world.
Shady became a Fimmaker, professional photographer, Cinematographer and an art director; who wants to introduce his professional media for the Underground Bands and the Megastars field.
If you think that Shady Habash is good enough, his work is different, unique with new concepts, please join him… It will be our pleasure to offer you a great opportunity to shine and become a real star.
Shady Habash Studio will always help you in presenting the right unique media for you!
For more information and/or need more details about our full services list, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, by dialing any of the numbers listed on our page, email or even by our mailing address.